My Soul Mission…


My mission is to play my part in restoring Eden. I believe that’s why we choose to come to this planet – to walk in truth, beauty & harmony with ourselves, each other & the natural realms. It has been a long time since we lived this way & now is the time to remember & follow our heart’s guidance to contribute our specific gifts to the big picture. The gifts that I offer the global world Soul are:

  • penetrating insights to reveal the truth beyond the illusions about ourselves & reality that have kept us powerless
  • intuitive guidance to interpret the unfolding lessons we are being asked to learn in accordance with the greater cycles
  • creative, kundalini awakening practices that raise consciousness & generate life force & ecstatic communion with the All
  • teachings that offer practical ways to reconnect with ourselves & each other to seed conscious communities
  • inspiration to live as multi-dimensional Gods & Goddesses who honour & embrace the sacred love arts

About Tanishka

In 1996 Tanishka left a fledgling career as a stand-up commedienne & was initiated into the feminine mysteries, spending a year long vision quest in the Otway Ranges, after which she returned to pioneer a unique series of ‘Awaken Goddess’ feminine archetype seminars & channelled readings.

She then spent 12 years exclusively as a priestess serving the Divine Feminine, (first as the founder of Woven Women & later, Star of Ishtar) facilitating women’s gatherings such as Red Tent New Moon & Full Moon Circles & pioneering various rite of passage ceremonies & gatherings such as Goddess Hen’s nights, Belly Blessing Baby Showers, Budding Maiden Ceremonies & Elderwoman Ceremonies in Melbourne, Australia. During this time she also worked as a sacred temple dancer in various arenas, including initiating couples in Tantric Wedding Ceremonies. She also worked for two & a half years as a Faery initiating children through their rites of passage with a combination of play & mysticism. In 2003 she was blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Her Work

Her work is distinguished by her gift for channelling ancient wisdom & disseminating it with down-to-earth humour. Combining these skills, she created & conducted an annual kundalini awakening journey for women to activate the divine feminine or shakti essence through a nine month series of transformational initiations. She has also facilitated a wide range of short courses & seminars including retreats,Tantra workshops, dance meditations & community events celebrating seasonal & astrological shifts.

In 2004 she created & unveiled the Star of Ishtar range of alchemical chakra essences, oils & elixirs to assist those students taking her initiate priestess course. Her first book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ was released June 2007. In 2006 she began training women to facilitate Red Tent new moon circles, rite of passage ceremonies & her series of Goddess archetype seminars.

In 2010, following guidance she created a You Tube series of videos to educate women about the ancient custom of the Red Tent, titled, ‘Operation Red Tent’ this also included a fact sheet with basic instructions on how to create a circle. She later expanded this vision in 2013 by launching an online course which gave women a far more  comprehensive training in group facilitation, lunar cycles, working with the shadow, sacred space & women’s mysteries. This course has now trained hundreds of women in 30 countries.

In 2008, she started also working with men, sharing the Sacred Union teachings she was channelling in her book trilogy, Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden. This included working with individuals, couples & mixed groups. In 2012 she released volume one: ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ which she shared along with the decoding of the Holy Grail in 2013 with her first national speaking tour around Australia to public & critical acclaim, which culminated in a 10 day retreat to commemorate the 13th sign of Ophiuchus. Then in 2014 she did her first international speaking tour in the US & ran a sell out ‘Inner Goddess’ retreat in Bali.

In 2014 she launched her Sacred Union online course, guiding singles & couples through the ancient practice of the Hieros Gamos which she decoded. She also launched her first two oracle decks, 3 x double meditation CD’s & volume two of her book trilogy: ‘Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships’.

Tanishka has been a popular keynote speaker at the Australian Goddess Conference, Melbourne Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, Earth Goddess Rising in Colorado, Conscious Living Worlds Fair in Chicago, Bali Spirit & her articles have been published in various national magazines.