Awaken Your Serpent Power

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17 Feb Awaken Your Serpent Power

The moon is still waning in Scorpio as we count the days to last quarter moon. Scorpio is the sign of ‘serpent power’ known in Sanskrit as kundalini. Why?

Scorpio has three distinct phases: the scorpion, the snake & the eagle. Regardless of our sign, when the moon moves through Scorpio it’s revealed at which level we operate at…so here’s a quick rundown of the 3 levels. See if you can recognise yourself in one.

Level One: This stage is when we lack self awareness as we put in no effort to identify our own unconscious thoughts & behaviours. So we behave like a scorpion – attacking others with venom when we fear our territory might be invaded or our existence potentially threatened.

Level Two: This stage is when we actively seek to become more self-aware by reflecting upon our part in our dramas instead of scapegoating others. This is catalysed by pursuing some kind of personal growth / esoteric study to identify the archetypal lessons at the 7 gates (known as the chakras). This process activates the inner serpent of light (consciousness) up through each of our 7 major energy centres, so it’s described as the level of the snake who symbolises the awakening of the soul.

Level Three: This stage is when we are self aware. It does not mean that we are perfected & no longer make errors in judgment. However, we acknowledge them & make adjustments with humility. This is possible because we comprehend the map of our soul, comprised of the 7 feminine & 7 masculine aspects who govern the 7 gates. This understanding helps us see the light & the shadow equally in ourselves & others & everything as an opportunity to learn. This higher perspective, perceiving the symbolic significance of every moment is described as the level of the eagle who soars high giving us access to the big picture with the ability to see intricate detail from a great height.

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FYI – As someone with 5 planets in Scorpio, my life path is initiating people to awaken their consciousness by helping them see all aspects of themselves…at each of the 7 gates. So if you’d like to take that journey with me, starting March 21st join me for my Inner Goddess online course:

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