13 Moons Program

In the ancient world, there were 3 Priestess pathways undertaken to 'Know Thyself'

The path of the 13 Moons was the path of Cronedom, one who is crowned with wisdom

Rather than fear the natural process of aging, women of all ages would seek to embody their inner wise woman by going within every new moon...

Their sacred intent being to face & embrace their shadow self, the parts they had rejected, not awakened or were wounded...so when they reached their wise woman years they were a beacon of light & insight for others

Instead, we have been taught to fear the dark, rather than seek to understand & heal it within us so we can be responsible for our own dark side & not project it on to others

It is time to reawaken this ancient tradition in our world which has become eclipsed by the collective shadow.

This program provides you with a step-by-step template to own your shadow every New Moon

It is an invitation to see, know & heal all parts of yourself by journeying to meet your shadow around the mandala of the 13 moons

​Benefits you will gain

  • Increased self-awareness & empowerment
  • Self understanding & acceptance
  • The ability to identify self-sabotaging patterns & grow beyond them
  • Insight & compassion into the suffering of others
  • Reverence for vulnerability in yourself & others

What the 13 Moons program includes:

  • Light & Shadow oracle deck for New Moon journal process
  • 13 x New Moon meditation videos
  • 13 x video tutorials to help you navigate the shadow during the 13 moons
  • A video tutorial explaining the lunar phases
  • And our own private sisterhood forum to share the journey!

Created by Facebook's 'Moon Woman' Tanishka with over half a million followers of her daily guidance.

About Tanishka

Tanishka has assisted women to own their shadow in private sessions & groups since 1996. She has trained women in 52 countries to facilitate Red Tent women's circles at New Moon, specifically to assist women through the darkest time of the emotional cycle each month. She created the 'Light & Shadow' oracle deck as tool to help people acknowledge their disowned traits, including their strengths & potential which become illuminated when we work with the moon as an intuitive guide for self actualisation.

Next Course intake starts March 28, 2017

Payment Options:

Pay $99 USD upfront for the year & receive a discount of $30 USD

Pay $9.99 USD per month

USD Automatically converted to your local currency at check-out

Please Note: No late enrolments taken since the program is aligned with the lunar astrological wheel

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