Cosmic Goddess 7 Day Program

​In the Goddess tradition we seek to live in alignment with the great cosmic wheels.

Did you know each day of the week is governed by one of the seven visible planets?

These planetary energies correspond to the 7 chakras,

the Sanskrit name for the 7 major energy centres in our body.

By learning to harness the energies of each planet we create wholeness within & harmony in our lives.

In Vedic Astrology this pathway was considered a great evolutionary tool.

In the mystical tradition, it was part of the Great Work of personal alchemy​​

Now you can learn how to align your week & integrate the daily planetary lesson in practical ways

With 7 x Daily Updates!

What you'll receive direct to your email inbox:

  • The astrological glyph, keywords & corresponding astrological sign
  • Interesting facts about each planet
  • The ideal activities to do each day for optimal results
  • A daily journal activity with self enquiry questions
  • Tips to help your day go smoothly
  • The psychological aspect evoked by each planet
  • The origins of name of each day
  • A short guided meditation to align with each planetary energy

Created by best selling author, Tanishka Facebook's 'Moon Woman with over half a million followers of her daily guidance which helps people around the world live in alignment with natural cycles

Course begins with next full moon 13th March 2017

$24.99 USD