Elemental Goddess 5 Day Program

A woman who is connected to the elements has access to her creative power

When we understand the elemental forces that govern us we can create balance in our lives so we feel vital, strong & powerful as the weaver of our own highest destiny

In the Mystical tradition of the Sacred Feminine, we seek to embody each of the elements within ourselves as a path to wholeness.

​So we can draw upon the strengths of each & be mindful of the lessons to minimise drama & undesirable outcomes.​

It makes sense that in order to honour something we must first understand it.

So yogis, alchemists, shamans & priestesses ​down through the ages studied the elements & sought to become one with them.​

In this 5 day digital program you will learn:

  • Meditations to commune with each element
  • The alchemical symbol & elemental correspondences
  • Simple ways to embody the strengths of each element
  • Identify elemental imbalances & correct them
  • Ancient practices to invoke & celebrate each element​

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Awaken your senses & discover the joy of living in greater communion with Mother Earth