Inner Goddess Online Course

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This is an exciting course for women of all ages wishing to reclaim & empower their feminine sense of self

Created by Tanishka, Facebook's 'Moon Woman' with over half a million followers of her daily guidance & the best selling author of 5 books including 'The Inner Goddess Makeover'

Her next book 'Goddess Wisdom' is due for global release June 6 with Hay House​

This unique transformational course of self-discovery reawakens the mystical secrets taught in ancient Mystery Schools, enabling participants to tap the potential of their feminine wisdom & power.

This is achieved through the meeting of the 7 feminine archetypes which act as keys to understanding & balancing the 7 chakras (the main energy centres located within the body.)

Commencing at the base chakra, we journey up through each energy centre on a monthly basis, exploring the psychological, emotional, energetic & physical blocks which inhibit the ecstatic expression of your Divine, authentic self.

What You Will Personally Gain

 increased self-understanding, acceptance & assurance

 Insight to correct self-sabotaging patterns

 Practical tools & experiential processes

 Access to a network of self-aware women with our course forum!

 Renewed creativity & inspiration

 Alignment with your highest potential & life purpose

 Recognition of unconscious archetypal issues

 Validation & empowerment of your feminine gifts

 A fun, deeply affirming & unforgettable life experience

What the Course Includes:

  • A paperback copy of 'The Inner Goddess Makeover'​
  • A guided meditation to identify which Goddess aspect most needs healing
  • 7 x guided meditations to meet each chakra Goddess
  • 7 x video tutorials to empower each aspect of your inner Goddess
  • Magazine style articles to empower each inner Goddess
  • Monthly Self Love chakra bathing rituals
  • 7 x Monthly Chakra fact sheets
  • Shakti Yoga instruction & kundalini active meditations to unleash your Goddess essence
  • Online private course forum so you can share the journey with women around the world
  • 7 x aromatherapy chakra sprays with crystal healing essences
  • A full moon rite to activate each of the 7 Goddesses in the World Soul!

About the Course Creator: TANISHKA

Tanishka has taught ancient women's wisdom & sacred traditions to women around the world for the past 20 years. This included teaching Goddess archetypal workshops as a 9 month Initiate Priestess course (which she was instructed to make the chakra sprays for to assist women in integrating their awakening kundalini using channeled recipes). She then went on to release books on awakening & balancing feminine & masculine energies at the 7 gates (chakras).

Praise for Tanishka's Work...

'You gave me a new understanding of myself & other women. You have given me a creative explosion! I will be recommending your course to other women who need you in their lives.'


'Tanishka’s services, particularly her Goddess course, has taught me to embrace all aspects of myself and has helped me recognise that all these qualities will allow me to be successful in my personal life and therefore in my professional career resulting in a better sense of balance, and overall well-being.'


'With the discovery of the individual elements of my womanhood I have come to understand and love all of them as different but equally important facets of myself. I no longer let others direct and dictate my life - I am in the driver's seat!'


'The course brought me back from a brink of powerlessness I didn't even know I was balancing on. It was through being given a language to talk about universal, timeless women's experiences I was able to realise that my life, while unique to me, mirrors the experiences of innumerable people​ before me and it is from this connection my personal power began to grow.'


Next course starts September 2017. Register your interest below

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