Red Tent Online Course for Women


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Created by Tanishka, Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily intuitive guidance.

Join women from 42 countries, including America, England, Australia, UK, The Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Estonia, Belgium, France, Canada, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Thailand, Portugal & Malaysia…& many more!!!

It’s time to reclaim your feminine birth rite of

ancient women’s wisdom and sacred customs.


“When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move”

– Ancient Chinese Proverb


 Next Course starts July 2017. Register your interest below.

Learn to Create Fun & Empowering Gatherings for Women

This comprehensive online training course provides you with an easy to follow, tried & tested structure that really works. Includes instructional videos & manuals you can save & refer to again & again!

Whether you want to be a facilitator of women’s circles or just learn everything to empower your womanhood about ancient women’s wisdom and lunar lore from Facebook’s ‘The Moon Woman’ with half a million followers!

No Assessments! No Assignments!
No Deadlines or Time Specific Webinars!

Simply login when it suits you from the comfort of your own home!

In this online course you’ll receive:
  • A Fascinating, Informative & Detailed Training Package
  • 6 Weeks Interactive Support & Membership To A Global Network of Facilitators
  • Optional Ongoing Online Promotion of Your Events
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Next Course starts July 2017. Register your interest below!

Why Do This Course…

This course will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run powerful, meaningful & successful women’s events, be they monthly Red Tent women’s circles, seasonal retreats or gatherings held specifically to empower teenage girls, new mums or wise women!

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Work at your own pace through each of the educational modules & you’ll access twenty years of knowledge from one of the pioneers of the global Red Tent movement.

You will learn about every facet of facilitation & event planning… from esoteric & shamanic practices to all the practical logistics needed for your events to be remembered for years to come!

This original, innovative & inspirational online course is so needed by women today it trained 73 women in 10 countries in it’s first 3 months!

Now YOU can be part of this phenomenon to seed Red Tent circles all over the globe to re-awaken the true power of the feminine & create a legacy for our daughters where they are held by a circle of women through all their ups & downs.

It's all such rich, juicy information. I love, love, loved it!

– Brenda Birno(Red Tent Course Graduate)

I have to admit that I absolutely adored all of it.

– Cara La Iocono

It is comprehensive and insightful, but not overwhelming because it is so heart-centered.

– Sky Riverhawkv

I completed this program and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone.

– Melissa Parker Nelson

Who This Course Is For…

Women do this course for many reasons, both personal & professional…


  • To offer public women’s events as an additional income stream
  • To start a private women’s circle with your family & friends in your community
  • To gain new understanding & skills to enhance their professional development
  • To gift their existing private women’s circle with more ideas, tools & a template for attuning to the lunar cycle
  • To access their birth rite of lunar lore so they can attune to the lunar cycle to empower their feminine sense of self

It was like being initiated into the mysteries. I learned things that I feel every girl should learn when they begin their journey into womanhood.

– Jess Pritchard

I made back the cost of the course with money to spare in the first women's circle I ran after completing Tanishka's Red Tent course.

– Echo Leia Andarta

It is almost like rediscovering a lost art or hidden treasure that is invaluable in price.

– Jackie Quirk


About The Facilitator

Tanishka is the author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’, ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’ and ‘Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships’. She is the director of the Star of Ishtar mystery school with over 20 years experience as a teacher of Women’s Mysteries. Her mission is to seed ancient wisdom & customs in our modern communities to empower & support both men & women of all ages to create conscious relationships & communities as part of a Tantric lifestyle by living in awareness & alignment with the greater cycles.

Tanishka is the author of 5 books. Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ will be released June 6 for Hay House. To pre-order a copy go to:

The Star of Ishtar Red Tent Online Training Course is also an approved training course with IICT insurance. So our graduates can gain professional insurance for their events.

Next Course starts July 2017. Register your interest below!

Course Details

What You Will Gain From The Course

  • A proven structure to create fun, meaningful & transformative events for women created by a highly experienced women’s mysteries facilitator
  • 6 weeks of mentoring with Tanishka via the online course forum
  • A template running order for monthly women’s circles
  • Insight into the lunar cycle & how to live in alignment with the moon to heal & empower the feminine
  • A thorough understanding of group dynamics
  • The facilitation skills needed to host women’s events

THIS IS QUALITY ‘ME’ TIME – not a head trip but a heart-centred journey to empower your feminine sense of self. 


  • Esoteric training to crate a safe energetic space using crystal grids, space clearing & aura cleansing
  • Tips to create guided meditations that really address people’s needs
  • Insight into the feminine psyche & techniques to empower women
  • Inspirational suggestions to create dynamic events
  • Practical tips on the best time to schedule events for optimal results
  • Red Tent resource list of helpful tools for circles
  • Reading lists with recommended references to increase your wisdom of ancient women’s customs & teachings
Many women choose to work offline! Simply print out the magazine style articles & read them at your leisure to wind down at the end of the day…
Do the guided meditations in the bath!
And only login to watch the videos & chat with the women in our online forum! 

What You Get

  • Over 20 Video Tutorials with Tanishka, Facebook’s ‘The Moon Woman’ & author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’
  • 50 Magazine style articles which together create a comprehensive Facilitator Training Manual
  • 3 Audio files
  • 6 PowerPoint presentations
  • Transcripts for all Video Tutorials to assist those whose second language is English
  • A paperback copy of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ by Tanishka (265 pages) with a personal inscription
  • A signed certificate posted to you upon your course completion

Optional Extras

Our participants

Access to Ongoing Support

Your course enrolment entitles you to exclusive membership to our online course chat forum. This provides you with an opportunity to ask questions throughout the training, 6 weeks of mentoring with Tanishka via the online course forum, meet other women all round the world who share the same intent of empowering the feminine & sharing your experiences. Once you are a member you will have continued access to the Red Tent online forum after you complete the course materials. This provides you with support once you begin running or co-facilitating women’s circles so you have a place to share ideas when creating your events & debrief afterwards helping you to continue your professional development with the support of your peers. This ring of fellowship will also provide you with opportunities for forming cyber friendships, creating networking alliances & travel options.

FREE Ongoing Promotion for your Women’s Events!

Once you complete the course you will have the option to promote your women’s events on the Star of Ishtar global directory of women’s circles. This will increase your exposure, word of mouth & viral marketing, increase your search engine ranking & direct more traffic to your website. You will also have the option of becoming an affiliate member & being rewarded financially for referring women to this training!

Take a sneak peak of some of the course content:


‘I highly recommend Tanishka’s Red Tent facilitator course as it has not only boosted my confidence in my ability to be a facilitator to hold circle in sacred space but has given me a solid working platform from which I can bring together all my skills & knowledge in order to support others.It has changed my life & opened up other avenues I once only dreamed about.’

Amanda Pippos
Hypnotherapist / Counsellor

‘Tanishka, thank you for this amazing gift – this manna is food for the heart and soul. Bounty that ripples outward and within. To find the sacred knowledge presented in such an inclusive and transcendent manner. The “How To” approach for every aspect for the teachings of the Divine Feminine – was AMAZING! I wish that I had found you sooner…but all happens in its own time. I have been gathering and practicing fragments of the teachings for years. What a delight to discover so many loving sisters who also move in beauty in the world. This is what resonates with me…oneness. The garden gate is thrown wide open. Mother lights the path, as always but I am forever changed knowing so many others dance under the magic moon. With grace & gratitude
Kathleen Burke
Art Therapist

jessica allen‘I attended this training last year and I can’t begin to tell you how much it has changed my life! In August, I started the Colorado Springs Red Tent (Colorado Springs, CO, USA) and our numbers have grown each month. I now have a volunteer committee of 4 women that are helping to support our expansion and growth. We have just started a Lending Library for the Sisters of our Circle and have future plans to run a second Tent due to the need for this in our community.

In my experience, the women in our Circle are HUNGRY for this experience and sinking deep down into the roots of the Great Mother. We are growing exponentially in our power and Goddess energy together. It has been, and is, an amazing experience and honor to be called to this path. And I am excited for all of you as you expand and deepen into the juiciness this course has to offer.


Blessings and love to you and I look forward to the new course offering!

Jessica R. Allen, M.A., RP
Registered Psychotherapist

‘The Red Tent Course provided me with so much more than just insight into the tradition of gathering together in sisterhood. This course became a journey and an awakening. The experience is both life changing and uplifting. It feels as if I have come home to all that has been lost to me. I strongly recommend this course to any woman who feels a longing to reconnect and reclaim their womanhood. Tanishka provides such insightful and in depth instruction, with videos and tutorials that really aid processing and absorbing the information. She provides details for every aspect for hosting a Red Tent; from personal and spiritual preparations, to the running order of the tent, and even the nitty gritty details of advertising and networking your tent. This course has been a course that I actually did not want to end! Thank you so much Tanishka!’

Heather Barton

Nevine Hafez‘I am currently in Module six of the course, and I have to say the more I read through the material posted the more I am in AWE!!! The amount of material posted, the detailed instructions of each and every step on the journey you went through, your specific experiences pointed out; good and bad – and most of all your determination to make this course an easy approachable space for women to just be!

Thank you ever so much for the amount of love and warmth you have shared in this course. I am sooo gratful being here!’

Nevine Hafez

Jessica Sauls‘Would love to add how much I agree – I couldn’t avoid taking this course despite the fact I took on many different classes at once. Last night I got organized with Red Tent and completed Module 1. Wow lady – you have truly gifted us with the most articulate, comprehensive, clear curriculum to pass on these amazing, time tested gifts to us. Your content is not only beautiful and clear, but it is filling in all the missing links of the knowledge we should all have in our tool box…but then, that is the power we’ve been stripped of. I have two daughters, and I feel the immense amount of knowledge and pride I can now pass down to them about their origins and their bodies. So much gratitude to you.’

Jessica Eliason

‘I’m so happy, all of the Red Tent’s I have lead have been special but after participating in this course it is getting even better! YAY! Thank You Tanishka!’ As just this week a woman who said she wanted to do my training did a back flip & said she didn’t think she needed it even though she’s never run a Red Tent so I love the humility of those of you who have already run Red Tents who are willing to do further professional training to enhance your skills. Thanks Tanishka.’

Cami Cote

kathy milla“Every day, I look forward to reading everyone’s comments/updates, so many great questions, wisdom, sharing and support, I’m learning a lot from the forum alone!’

Kathy Milla

Next Course starts July 2017. Register your interest below!

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