Light Yourself Up!

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19 Mar Light Yourself Up!

The moon is still waning in Sagittarius, making this a good time to curl up with a book or course of study which expands your mind – including how you see yourself. Why?

Sagittarius governs higher learning.

So when the moon transits through this sign we can feel restless if we don’t have access to greater meaning in our lives.

So what does give our life meaning?

Connection…seeing how the small actions we take are causing an effect and making a difference.

This ‘A Ha!’ moment happens when we join the dots that link the universal moments of our everyday lives to the big picture.

Without that understanding, we can feel overwhelmed by a sense of insignificance and futility.


Speaking for myself, my lightbulb moment came when I discovered the universal life lessons we all encounter presented in a symbolic framework I could understand as a map for self mastery. This inspired me to write books of my own to help others in their quest for self-understanding.

So if your inner landscape is feeling a bit dim, and you are feeling rather ‘ho hum’, consider reading something which is guaranteed to turn up your wattage with personal insights.

Blessings on your day,

Tanishka (my books are available as ebooks as well as paperback via this link:

Tanishka The Moon Woman
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