Love is in the Air – Moon in Libra!

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14 Feb Love is in the Air – Moon in Libra!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

How synchronistic that the moon is now in Libra…the sign of relationships. When the moon moves through the air sign, Libra we feel emotionally fulfilled & connected through sharing stimulating conversations & making plans to work together on a common goal.

So this lunar transit will shine brightly on all forms of relationship, illuminating opportunities for co-operation, balance & harmony.

This will feel like a soothing healing balm for many, given we currently have both Venus & Mars in the fiery sign of Aries, which urges us to assert our independence & do things ‘our way’ which can make it challenging to find the middle ground.

Libra moon is the most favourable moon sign for creating works of art, dressing with artistic flair, having ‘good hair days’ & baking cakes that rise…so most helpful if you’re making a Valentine’s Day gift or meal to express your love & appreciation or wanting to look your best for a date.

(My 13 yr old daughter has her first date tonight…a milestone for me as a Mum!)

We are now in the 3rd week of the lunar month as the moon wanes from full to last quarter moon this weekend. This lunar week is when our body will signal a need for rest if we ran a sprint in the two weeks leading up to full moon…especially since the light of the full moon was obscured due to the eclipse, resulting in tiredness for those who are energetically sensitive, instead of the usual high energy of full moon.

The waning phase is the time to distil & reflect & make adjustments based on our intuition & observances.

We are also now in the two week window between the lunar & solar eclipse. This can usher in big life changes that create endings & beginnings.  The more we give ourselves time to reflect, the more easily we’ll identify what needs to change, lessening the need for big catalysts to usher in change on our behalf.

Regardless of whether you are in an intimate relationship today, do something loving for yourself & others today. It’s all too easy to be miserly by citing the excuse that it’s a commercial holiday. In it’s essence it’s simply a celebration of love – all kinds of love:

  • the self love you have acquired & continue to grow in your life
  • the friendships you have which have endured the tests of time
  • the gifts we gain in witnessing & sharing in the milestones of our children
  • the sense of communion we feel with nature & wildlife in our garden
  • the sisterhood & brotherhood that blesses our life in circle each month

And last but not least, this online community of beautiful souls who gather here from all around the world each day in our shared journey to illuminate our collective lessons.

Thanks for the love you gift to each other in your supportive comments, the love & appreciation you shower on me & the love you strive to embody every day through self-awareness.

Blessings on your day, may you feel the love that is all around & within us!


Tanishka The Moon Woman
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