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Empower your Feminine Gifts: wisdom, compassion & intuition

by aligning with the lunar cycle

With Tanishka, Facebook's 'Moon Woman' with over half a million followers of her intuitive guidance

In ancient times every culture lived by the phases of the moon

They understood that the moon's gravitational force influenced the ocean tides & since our bodies are comprised of 65% water, the moon's cycle has a huge effect on our psyche & our moods.

This is why hospitals & police stations experience increased admissions during full moon & why women in indigenous cultures attended Moon Lodges at new moon

By identifying the lunar phase & sign we can balance our emotional states with greater awareness

Since our hormonal cycle, as women is directly affected by the moon, (whether we are fertile or not) it is especially empowering for us to align with the moon. This minimises emotional meltdowns & comfort eating

Benefits We Gain When We Align With

The Lunar Cycle

  • Enhanced intuition
  • Balanced emotions
  • Reduced comfort eating
  • Increased compassion
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Deeper insight & wisdom

Now you can harness the power of the lunar cycle to illuminate your full feminine potential

What Your Membership Includes:

  • 12 x monthly Full Moon reports
  • 12 x monthly New Moon reports
  • 365 Days x year of Lunar Guidance with insight to navigate the daily lunar phase & sign

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What Others Say About Tanishka's Daily Lunar Guidance Posts:

‘You always say what I seem to need to hear! This is very comforting and you are doing great work! Thank you so much’

Sotiria Theofilou

​‘I've learnt so much about love and light in the last 2 years (that religions failed to truly express to me throughout a tumultuous a childhood) and most of it has been via The Moon Woman. Beautiful advice, really appreciate all you do Tanishka. Thank-you so much.’

Christine Marie Tropeano

'Ah Tanishka, your insights and knowledge continually open my eyes, mind and heart. Thank you sisStar!'

Alexsandra Deen

‘Thank you Tanishka, as always your wisdom and insights are 100 ON’

Denise Duthie

‘Sometimes you just make me smile and laugh and I love your posts for that as much as anything, Tanishka.’

Sarah Pilcher

‘Thank you for this clarity Moon Woman xx’

Trish Hereen

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