The Secret to Great Partnerships

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15 Feb The Secret to Great Partnerships

The moon is still waning in Libra, making this a great time to look for opportunities to collaborate rather than go it alone. Why?

Libra moon reminds us ‘two heads are better than one’…that pooling our ideas actually doubles our chance of success in an endeavour.

So if we’re in a partnership of any kind – intimate, platonic or for business, meet regularly to focus on the common goal & review the effectiveness of your efforts & strategy.

If not yielding the desired results, be willing to openly discuss possible adjustments to your plan. This is what it means to really work together. Being in any partnership without this, results in polarisation with one carrying & dominating the other which leads to resentment. This is not true partnership. This is mutual dependency.

True partnership is when both parties are willing to equally contribute their strengths & acknowledge their weaknesses, so together they can build upon their strengths & address their weaknesses in a spirit of mutual respect built on transparency & accountability. These qualities are what we learn to develop in the ancient practice of sharing circles, indicating how necessary they are to us forming conscious relationships.

When each person is sovereign through developing these attributes, the shared journey is more joyful & rewarding on every level. With each lifting the other up through complementary energies & skill sets. Alternatively, when personal accountability is lacking, the union keeps both in a holding pattern of stagnation. The choice is ours in accordance with free will.

To learn more about the art of circle & how intrinsic it is to our human development, click on the links below for my online courses which started this week. If you feel called to join, we’d love to have you.



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