Time to Reflect on What’s Working

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21 Mar Time to Reflect on What’s Working

The moon is now in Capricorn as we start the final week of the lunar month, making this a time for consolidation of your efforts rather than a time to start anything new.

Today is last quarter moon exact, when the moon appears to be half illuminated by the sun. The result is balancing for our psyche, due to this being a time of equal light & dark. This helps us find a balance between extroversion & introversion.

This is amplified by the energies of yesterday’s Equinox, the half way point between the solstices (the longest/shortest days).

So Cappy moon will help us review how the structures we have in place are either contributing to or undermining our equilibrium. Capricorn moon illuminates the most practical path to take so our needs are met.

Questions for reflection you might find useful today include:

  • How is the traditional way of doing things not working?
  • What managerial skills are required to ensure goals are met?
  • Where is my ambition obscuring my sensitivity?

With the moon now rising at midnight and setting at noon, you may find it harder to get out of bed in the morning so be sure to retire early enough to get enough sleep.

Blessings on your day,

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Tanishka The Moon Woman
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