Try Something New!

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18 Mar Try Something New!

The moon has just moved into Sagittarius so if you can, plan to get away this weekend. Why?

Sagittarius is the sign that most loves freedom and travel.

So even if it’s for a couple of hours, get away from your everyday environment where your mundane chores will always be staring back at you and give yourself a change of scenery.

If you can’t get away, then plan a trip by doing some research or experience some armchair travel by watching a foreign film or travel documentary.

Sag is a fire sign and seeks stimulation and expansion, since it’s ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets in our solar system.

So today is a window to do something which broadens your world in some way – whether that’s trying a cuisine you’ve never had or going somewhere you’ve never been.

Sag loves to learn through new experiences – so dare to be different & do something novel & your inner self will feel contented for the break from the monotony of the predictable.

Blessings on your day,


Tanishka The Moon Woman
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