Healing The Gender War

Tanishka, author of ‘Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden’ speaks about the 3rd Wave of the Women’s Movement: The Reclamation of the Sacred Feminine & how to transcend the perception of duality which is the cause of all conflict.

Activating Your Goddess Mojo

Tanishka, author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ explains how to activate one’s Shakti energy. The Goddess energy meridian which lays dormant at the base of the spine & once awakened results in raised consciousness, empowerment, libido, creativity & the essence of true feminine beauty.

Time to Wake Up to the Truth

A Message to Humanity

Join Me in My Quest

This trailer for my You Tube channel explains the secret truth about pornography & my role as a Magdalene & keeper of the Holy Grail at this time on our planet.

Global Healing Intent

This video is created & gifted as a visualization practice to be watched during the transformational vortexes of new moon, full moon, the Solstices & Equinoxes either alone or in groups to energize our collective rebirth into the New Earth. The soundtrack is Air by Albion. Feel free to share with my blessings, Tanishka

Sacred Union Online Course

Hear Tanishka, author of ‘Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden’ and ‘Sacred Union in Partnership’ speak about her ‘Sacred Union’ online course for both singles & couples.

This course is designed to reclaim the tradition of the ‘Hieros Gamos’ (meaning Holy Marriage) into our modern day culture which has become so disconnected from the natural cycles that we’ve lost all reverence for the sacredness of life.

The 3 Things Every Facilitator Needs to Know

Discover the secret to being a great group facilitator. Tanishka has nearly 20 years experience & offers online courses to train men & women to run women’s circles, men’s circles & mixed circles.

The Most Common Fear For Group Facilitators

Find out what most facilitators of groups & circles have in common & how to transcend that fear simply & easily! Tanishka has nearly 20 years experience as a group facilitator & runs online courses to train both men & women to facilitate empowering events for men & women.

Arise Sons of Gaia to Claim Your Destiny!

Dear brothers, it is time for you to gather…to remember who you are – so you can support each other to stand in your truth, walk your talk & build the new Earth.

Here is an invitation from a High Priestess of the old ways to initiate you into your birth rite as kings. It is time to retrieve your sword of truth, Excalibur.

The #1 Mistake Group Facilitators Make

Learn what not to do when you lead a workshop, circle or address a gathering as a public speaker. Tanishka has thirty years experience as a public speaker & runs online courses to teach men & women to facilitate groups.

Want to Empower Women? Create a Moonlodge Circle

Find out how you can bring women together to feel inspired, empowered & understood. Whether you already run events for women or enjoy gathering with women & would love to learn how you can part of a movement that’s sweeping the globe. Tanishka, author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ & Facebook’s ‘The Moon Woman’ speaks about her online course to train women all over the world to run women’s groups which offer a space for women of all ages to be authentic through all of life’s ups & downs.